Buy Wedding Flowers Online by Flower Box

Cheap Flower Delivery in UAE

Flowers are our greatest silent friends; it is the sweetest things God at any point made.

Blooms are an ideal method to command a unique event like Valentine’s day, commemoration, birthday, congrats, infant and corporate occasions.

Additionally to demonstrate our sensitivity to get well and funerals.

Flower box owns 3 branches in Dubai, dealing with customers within the UAE as well as worldwide.  Our branches are in prime locations in Dubai, starting from Ibn Battuta shopping mall, Etihad Mall, and Dubai Mall

The management includes Bilal Mohammed Hammoud, managing Flower Box over 30 years in Dubai, with agriculture background and experience in wholesale and retail fresh flower business.

Our 35-year commitment to total customers’ satisfaction means that we are always ready to create thoughtful and unique arrangements and inspiring displays.

Inside our stores, you will find an exciting world energized with creativity and beauty. We have stocked our stores with decorative vases, pots, planters, artificial flowers, home & garden accessories and antiques.  And of course, we have gathered the most beautiful fresh flowers and plants of 1st-grade quality to supply for our valued customers, guaranteeing on-time deliveries.

Source: Flower Box


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