90 Days Dubai Visa by Regal Tours

Regal Tours provides the fastest & easiest 90 days tourist visa solutions to the people all over the world.

When a lot of other agencies complicate the visa procedures with unnecessary documentation and procedures, Regal Tours has simplified the entire procedure.

90 days visa and all visa procedures are simplified to such a way that you can get the visa sitting at home.

How to apply for the visa:

Please email the visitor’s passport copy & your mobile number to info@regaluae.com, to apply for the visa.

We will reply very soon with the payment methods.

In 2 working days, the visa will be ready & we will send it to you.

If you have any questions, please call us at 050 8474794 / Office 04 2635888 / Send us an email. Toll-Free: 800 123 321

We will get back to you very soon.

If passport copy is clear, the visa will get issued faster. It would also be good if you can attach a separate personal photo with white background.

Duration :

90 Days

Price In UAE Dirhams :

Only 1350 AED

Apply Now 

Source: Regal Tours 


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