Dubai Tourist Visa Renewal after Expairy

Dubai Visit Visa Renewal Process

Dubai Visit Visa Extension Procedure

Great Tours has 3 great choices for you to expand your stay in Dubai/UAE, without Exiting.

For the individuals who are hoping to expand their stay and for visa augmentation alternatives, Regal Tours have 3 choices for the expansion of visas for somebody as of now in UAE.

1. We will send them to Muscat from Sharjah air terminal and they will return following 1 hour to Sharjah air terminal.

They will hold up in Sharjah air terminal and we will send the visa to Sharjah air terminal.

This total bundle with visa and ticket for 1 month is AED 1900 and for 3 months is AED 2900 ( For Pakistanis and Filipinos, this alternative is AED 3500 for 3 Months ).

2. We will give new visa now. They will go to Muscat and return in 1 hour ( No Waiting ).

Just 3 Months accessible – finish bundle with ticket and visa is AED 4500.

3. We will give a new visa, no compelling reason to exit. This choice is conceivable just for 3 months. AED 5500.

 Source: Regal Tours


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