Bangladesh Visa-UAE Visa For Bangladeshi


For Bangladeshis:
Women/Children – 30 Days Visa 2800 DHS and 90 Days Visa 4000 DHS. 2 Days to get Visa.
For Men: 3 Months visa is AED 7500. 30 days to get visa.
When you need visa, please email the travel permit duplicate and your portable number to to apply for the visa or please convey the international ID duplicate to our office.
On the off chance that you have any inquiries, please call us on 050 8474794/Office 04 2635888/Send us an email. All cards acknowledged.
We will hit you up soon.


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At Regal Tours Worldwide, we have made it inconceivably simple for individuals around the globe to get the Dubai Visit Visa. You can apply for the visa online at our site. You should simply to send a duplicate of your travel permit, photo and portable number to our email address, and sit tight for us to do the rest.



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