Dubai Visa Scams Authorized Visa Providers in UAE

Dubai Visa Scams

All to often we hear horror stories about people that has fallen victim for Dubai Visa Scams by their local UAE Visa Providers and have lost huge sum of money to those thieves. Most of the time those people are just desperate for a better future by trying their luck living up Dubai Dream.


First of all  always make sure that you Verify legitimacy of your UAE Visa Provider via UAE embassy website and remember there is no such thing as Job Visa For UAE unless company itself issues the visa for you and guess what? UAE Company Issued Visa is absolutely free! so stop paying those heavy sum of money to those thieves.


Can I Work in Dubai on Visit Visa?

If you have entered ‪Dubai on a ‪visit ‎visa and you wish to work then you should get a probationary ‪‎work ‪permit, valid for up to 3 months, from the Ministry of Labor. If you don’t get this permit and are caught working while on a visit visa, then you risk being jailed or fined and deported.


That is why UAE Visa Information Center Always recommends that you always select the right visa and do not fall prey to the scams of other unauthorized visa agents.


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