Rock Climbing UAE by Regal Tours

Rock Climbing UAE

Exploring the adventurous mountains of UAE with us will be a life time experience. Regal tours is the only one company, which can take you for the Rock climbing with well-trained army commandos who can give you the complete support and help to make the rock climbing a memorable one.

Rock climbing as Team activities for corporates will enhance key quality that the management expects from their staffs. Rock Climbing will benefit the staffs and management to bring out their potentials.

Please contact Regal Tours anytime with your enquiry, so our tour specialist can come and meet you and explain the complete itinerary.

Activity Benefits

  • . Confidence Building
  • . Trust
  • . Communication
  • . Planning
  • . Communication and Strategy
  • . Creativity
  • . Identifying the potential
  • . Leadership skills
  • . Futuristic

Safety & Insurance

  • . Use of only qualified and trained staffs
  • . Use of only certifies and recognized tools
  • . First aid qualifies staff
  • . Safety briefing
  • . Use of DTCM guidelines vehicles
  • . Public liability insurance

Source: Regal Tours Worldwide


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